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Pinar del Rio Cuba Travel AgencyPinar del Rio Cuba Travel AgencyPinar del Rio Cuba Travel Agency

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Pinar del Rio Cuba Travel Agency

Pinar del Rio Cuba Travel Agency, Because of its near-perfect natural beauty, this province in the westernmost part of the country is also known as "the Garden of Cuba." It is 10 931,5 square km (4221 square miles) in size, has a population of around 718,000 and is famous for growing the best tobacco in the world. It was named Nueva Filipinas in 1774, but that name didn't stick. Ever since 1778, it has been Pinar del Río.

Pinar del Rio Cuba Travel Agency, Ever since the 19th century, residents of Havana have been drawn by the natural beauty of the Vueltabajo region, and they have flocked to Portales Cave; to San Diego de los Baños, to receive the benefits of its mineral-medicinal and thermal water; and to the Valley of Viñales, to gaze at its natural beauty.

UNESCO has declared the Valley of Viñales to be a part of world culture, and it is also a national monument. It is surrounded by pin-cushion hills which contain many caves and underground rivers. The Los Jazmines and La Ermita Hotels, the Palenque de los Cimarrones (Runaway Slave Settlement), the Mural of Prehistory, Indio (Indian's) Cave, the Los Acuáticos Community, San Diego de los Baños and the town of Viñales are nearby.

Valley of Viñales: Unquestionably, this is one of the parts of Cuba that is best known internationally. In the late 1900s, UNESCO declared it to be a part of world cultural heritage.

The valley is also a national monument. Its beauty and size, 132 square km (51 square miles) make it the most outstanding example of karst valleys in Cuba. This fertile area is surrounded by hills with vertical sides and rounded tops, called mogotes (pin-cushion hills). With 140 to 400 m (between 460 and 1312 feet) high, they are the only hills of this kind in Cuba. They contain many caves, some of them created by underground rivers (which are navigable in part), which form one of the most extensive cave systems in Latin America.

Two of the four areas in the Cuban archipelago which UNESCO has declared to be world preserves of the biosphere are nearby: the Rosario Mountains, which contain enchanting Soroa and Las Terrazas, and the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. The flora and fauna in both places are of a great variety, with many endemic species.

Quiet, comfortable hotels have been built in some of the most beautiful spots in Pinar del Río, to facilitate your enjoyment of Nature. Levisa Cay has a delightful, sunny beach, and the province also offer excellent opportunities for scuba diving, hunting and fishing.

When visiting the capital of Pinar del Río Province, be sure to tour the Guayabita del Pinar Distillery, where the drink of the same name is still made by hand, following an age-old recipe; Guarch Palace, Milanés Theater and the Rumayor Cabaret. The local culture is quite an attraction.

Pinar del Río is just 174 km (108 miles) from Havana, and the two cities are linked by a good highway. The city of Pinar del Río was founded in 1774. The architecture in its historic center is eclectic, and its low houses in gentle colors, whose porches seem to form an endless gallery, have great charm. On the outskirts of the city, modern buildings break its horizontal lines Pinar del Rio Cuba Travel Agency.


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